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LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms provide easy-to-convert sales leads

Capturing leads through online platforms is a challenge to business enterprises globally. These challenges are of diverse forms and sometimes when leads are found, it contains inaccurate or incomplete information. The introduction of LinkedIn Lead Gen Form enables business enterprises to overcome these challenges.

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The LinkedIn Lead Gen Form enables advertisers or marketers of products or sponsored content to capture leads of high quality for their business enterprises instantly, conveniently and more efficiently by pre-populating the required information from the profiles of the LinkedIn members.

How the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms work

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms operates in such a manner that when a LinkedIn user clicks on a LinkedIn ad, the user will be redirected to a Lead Gen Forms which are prefilled with professional information which has been extracted from the profiles of the LinkedIn users. The information contained includes; name, contact information, profession, company, job title, experience and seniority among other relevant information.

The LinkedIn users can instantly send accurate and up-to-date information to the target audience. This is a comprehensive, effective and high-quality lead record for businesses seeking to advertise their products or content online. The pre-filled information enables users to be spared from manually keying in information using the claustrophobic on-screen keyboard on their mobile.

When the user clicks the submit button in the form with pre-filled information, the LinkedIn Lead Gen will automatically direct the user to a ‘Thank You’ page. This page will connect the target audience with the advertisers’ website or any other preferred destination that the advertiser specifies. This enables the users’, i.e. the target audience to explore more about the advertisers’ products or services.

The process of creating the Lead Gen Forms up and running is quite comfortable and does not involve a lot of effort. When an advertiser creates a new sponsored content campaign, he or she needs to select the option ‘collect leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms’ and then, create a new Lead Gen Form by adding the privacy policy URL from his or her website in the form creation page. After that, the advertiser needs to specify his or her desired form fields so that it can be automatically populated.

Lastly, the advertiser needs to customize the ‘thank you’ page and click the submit button. That’s it, pretty easy!!

The benefits of Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn enables users to manage and access their leads easily. The users have the option of downloading their leads from their campaign manager or can redirect their leads to Customer Relation Management software or any other marketing automation platform of their choice. The use of LinkedIn Lead Gen reports also enabled the users to keep track, monitor, and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Form Fill Rate (FFR), Cost per Lead (CPL), Return on Investments (ROI), among others. The KPIs also enables the user to know if he or she is collecting the quality of leads from relevant and potential prospects of his business.

The Lead Generation Forms does not require the user to implement any tracking code because there is no need for the potential prospects or target audience to visit the advertiser’s website on their path to conversion.

Other social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram also offer their users lead generation ads with pre-populated forms. However, you cannot compare it with LinkedIn lead generation ads because LinkedIn is a professional networking site with over 500 million professional members and therefore LinkedIn has the ability and capacity to provide advertisers with quality and superior leads.

Initially, LinkedIn introduced Lead Gen Forms only on mobile devices. This was based on the consideration that 80% of the LinkedIn users’ engagement with Sponsored Content used smartphones. However, currently, there is an emerging opportunity and plan for LinkedIn to expand the forms even to desktop campaigns.

According to LinkedIn’s pilot study, 90% of the 50 customers surveyed managed to meet their cost per lead goals. Besides, the customers surveyed also showed a lower Cost per Lead with Lead Gen Forms as compared with their standard Sponsored Content campaigns.

As a result of the comprehensive and high quality leads LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to offer, there is an imminent possibility of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to become the most preferred option for the advertisers and online marketers who are seeking to easy-to-convert sales leads.

Infographic of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms:

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

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