5 Ways to use Facebook Messenger Bots for your business

facebook messenger bot marketing
Hi Sam, I am Lisa, Digital Assistant of Spring Flowers. How can I assist you today?

When you click a Messenger button on a Facebook Business page, this is how you get welcome. Today Artificial Intelligence(AI-based) Messenger bots take the place of humans on Social Media.

Businesses and brands are turning to Facebook Messenger bots – since Facebook’s enormous user base – to engage with and service their customers who use Messenger bots.

What is a Messenger bot?

A messenger bot is a software code that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tasks and replies to you back. More you chat with a bot, more it will learn and more useful responses it gives you.

Messenger bots have entirely changed the way brand interacts with its audiences with more personalized response whenever an audience visit the brand to inquire about business. They are driving user experiences positively with added value and minimizing their time consumption in research for the product of the brand.

Messenger bots are assisting users by  Providing the right information; Delivering valuable content; Taking and placing orders; Personalizing user experiences with relevant content and; Also guides users to the correct department within a company.

Why use Chatbots?

With raised awareness of Social Media, people began to interact with Businesses and Brands on Facebook to enquire businesses, to ask a question and, to complain about a service.

Users are interested in making mobile-based interactions with businesses and brands nowadays because they often visit your business page on Facebook quickly through a mobile application.

With Increasing number of social audiences; it is difficult to handle them even with high-end tools. Social audiences expect faster and timely responses from the brand.

Here, Messenger bots help the brand with automatic responses to the audiences immediately with relevant answers; whether it could be a “Basic Question” or “Complex Issue” with appropriate Answers.

Let us consider a business which is using Facebook messenger bot for their business needs.

TS Messenger Bot
Credits: Messenger Bot /Traffic Sourcers

Benefits of using Messenger bot’s for your Brand

Every brand is unique in the market even though they offer the same services that already exist in the Market. These Bots help the brand to build a relationship with your audiences and helps to grow the business.

Many Brands from Internet and Media, E-commerce, Restaurants and Food Chains, Small Business and Freelancers Services and, even Banking Services, etc. are using Messenger bots.

1.Deliver Content with Personalised Touch

Messenger bots are now a part of Content Marketing Strategies for any brand to promote its content because they serve the best in delivering such user-valued messages.

CNN Messenger Bot

Credits: CNN FB MessengerBot/CNN

2. Streamline Product Purchases

Messenger bots are not sales-persons, but they are designed to help and boost sales to increase profits. They allow the users to find what they’re looking for and processes simple deals right in the Messenger app.

Credits: E-commerce FB Messenger Bot/Amazon

3. Customer Service and provide Information

Messenger bots are the best choice concerning Customer Service; to provide information regarding services or even to deliver any piece of information to the users.

Credits: FB Bot Customer Service

4. Social Connections and building Audience

If you want to build and cultivate a relationship with your customers, consider designing your Messenger bot as a great tool to interact more with your audiences. Also, users can receive future messages from you, and you can send fun facts, games, and content meant purely to entertain them.

Credits: Media Fun FB Messenger bot/Trivia

5. Offer Specialized Services

There are Messenger bots designed for specialized services like wireless bank transactions etc.These bots make more comfortable for the users to work with the brand also in making better money.

Credits: Special FB Messenger Bot/TransferWise Bot

Final Words:

Facebook Bot Messenger soared enormous popularity in the business market. Build and Launch a quality Chatbot to push your products & services promotional content to the clients/customers and generate great revenue straight into your pockets from Social Media Platforms.

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