Why 2018 will be the year for Chatbots?

With the explosion of App Ecosystem, people began to approach brands through messaging platforms. According to Twilio global study, claimed that 66% of people prefer to talk to the brands on messaging platforms.

However, businesses ignored user enquires that requires a response. About 90% of queries did not get responses and were made the user wait for long hours to get an answer, but 51% users expect fast responses from your business for inquires.

Do you Know?
Do you Know?

If you are desperately looking to stay ahead in the competition and to improve your user experience across Social Media Platform like Facebook and on the website,

Then Chatbots are the Answer.

A chatbot is one of the fast-growing technology and also forecasted as a Future Marketing tool. Chatbots have created a revolution and soared enormous popularity.

Chatbots serve as best customer service tool and to interact with the customers for the businesses. Artifical Intelligence (AI) is becoming more accessible and familiar to the average person. Using Artifical Intelligence, any industry can understand, communicate, and engage its users easily on the messaging platforms.</p.

Chatbots with machine learning will learn more from day to day conversation with customers and improves the conversation quality.

According to The Business Times, a study by Forrester highlighted that 57 percent of brands worldwide are already using chatbots or are planning to introduce one later this 2017.

Also, Gartner predicted that by 2020, an average person would have more conversation with bots instead with their spouse per day.

Chatbots Trends in 2018

Experts expect to have more artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning technology, and marketing automation in 2018.

Currently, chatbots are a set of instructions or an algorithm with Artifical Intelligence(AI). They need to upgrade with more AI and ML to reach coming needs in the businesses, and complex interactions have to embed into the bot to provide better customer service.

In 2018, Chatbots are expected to use for multi purposes and its services will be expanded more industries in coming future.

Chatbots are expected to trend more into Messaging as a Platform (MaaP); Chatbot API; Chatbots for Sites; More Conversational Interfaces, and Integration with Messaging Apps.

Why 2018 will be the year for Chatbots?

Fall of Smartphone Apps usage.
Yes, smartphone apps are losing steam. The growth of Mobile Apps has become stagnant. Chatbots will become the new way for companies to monetize the mobile experience.

Enterprises are building more bots than the apps.

Organizations are looking at leveraging message app platforms to build and integrate chat-bots to enhance brand visibility and gain more traction with the target users.

Message Application users are rising.

At present, nearly 75% of all smartphone users are using messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and other significant applications. Facebook has more than 1 billion users along with Whatsapp and still increasing.

Most Businesses started using Messanger bots on Facebook company Page, and many others join the force soon or later.

AI and Machine Learning into applications.

There is a high demand for Artifical Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the current market. Experts believe that AI and Machine Learning Solutions will improve humans lifestyle and productivity. AI and Machine Learning will be the best adaption in creating next Level chatbots.

With AI and ML, Companies can build chatbots that can talk in Natural Language and create more Conversational Interfaces.

2018 Year for Chatbots
2018 Year for Chatbots

Increase in Support for Chatbot Framework.

With the unprecedented growth of Chatbots, Leading Messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft, Slack, Kik, Telegram, Skype and a few others are building support framework for chatbots.

With all this, there is no doubt that chatbots are going to revolutionize the business and their way of interacting with their clients and consumer like ever before. Also, changes the mobile user experiences entirely.

It is no surprise if chatbots become the best alternative to mobile apps and websites in the nearest future.
Eventually, Chatbots are emerging as new platform and powers the next generation browsing experience.
They lead to a paradigm shift the way we use applications.

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