7 Ways You Can Make Sure Your Website Is On Top In 2020

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Is your website out-of-date and are you sad with its performance? If it’s been a while since you modify your website, there are some chances still it would be ineffective. This doesn’t mean it is poorly designed, but it does mean that your site need an true evaluation.

Here are 7 simple things you can do to make sure your website is on top in 2020 by offering the user experience and value your customers deserve.

#1: Optimize for Voice Search 

With the rise of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana – Voice-based searches slowly surpassing Keyword-based searches. Generalized keywords are long past and haven’t been updated in years. It is important to focus on voice search, which is already important and on the rise.
Marketing analytics company comScore estimates that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice-based.
By 2020, half of your potential customers won’t see your website even if you’re fourth in the SERP.

Voice Search 2020

#2: Add Structured Landing Pages

A landing page could be the first page or the action page designed to execute a specific action like submit a form, buy a product or service, etc. of your website when a user lands. It has the content that Google has to identify the context from your metadata to interpret how it relates to search queries.

The best-known tool for structuring your content is Schema markup or JSON-LD. They publishers to communicate important information to search engines like Phone Numbers, Location and other things on the web.

When you add Structured data to your site, it delivers rich snippets and rich cards on Google search results which makes it easy for users to choose your site over the other websites available.

#3: Update Your SEO 

Did you know that Google tweaks its SEO algorithm around 500 to 600 times each year?

It’s very important to Optimize your website before you notice a big drop in your traffic. If you haven’t updated your SEO in recent times, then it’s time to take another look because Google updates its algorithm constantly.

Google’s introduced a new search algorithm called “Google RankBrain ” which prioritizes sites based on their overall relevance to the keywords being searched. It measures bounce rates and the time visitors spend on your website. So, place tons of relevant content on your website to keep visitor’s stay more time – this improves your google ranking.

#4: Mobile  Ready

With the launch of Mobilegeddon update back in 2015 from google, it is made mandatory to have mobile-optimized websites if not, sites that weren’t mobile-optimized are penalized.

This means regardless of which device – desktop computer or mobile, visitor can get the same content and functionality.

#5: Gather Some Social Proof 

There’s no denying social proof can increase your conversion rate. Recent studies show 92% of online consumers look at a product review prior to making a purchase.

Social Rating

Here are the most common kinds of social proof are:

  • Customer reviews on google reviews & 3rd Party sites
  • Customer testimonials on the webpage
  • Consumer ratings on the product page
  • Celebrities or Influencers Recommendations
  • Industry certifications

People get heavily influenced by the actions and recommendations of third-party reviews online and recommendations from trusted friends, so it is extremely important to social proof your website – to boost conversion rates.

#6: Improve Your Page Loading Time

Do you know website loading speed has become one of the biggest determinants of your site’s value and ranking position?

Approximately 53% of mobile users will navigate away from a site and try another one if the site doesn’t load in three seconds. These numbers are just as bad as desktop users.

How fast does your website load?

The answer is less than four seconds or starts losing visitors as a result.

What’s the best way to increase site load speed?

Incorporating the latest techniques like optimization of pages and content, minimalization of components, server speed and browser caching, etc – help your site load faster. Improve site speed and retain the users if not you’re not losing customers faster than you can attract.

#7: Update Your Call to Action 

CTA can take many forms depending on the context say email you send and on the landing page, you create. However, not all CTAs are created the same. Without a proper CTA, you might be losing subscribers and leads as a result.

When you plan an opt-in form for your mailing always spare time to rethink it “What could be the CTA?” does it just say SUBSCRIBE or SUBMIT.

Here are some call to action examples you might typically see on a blog:

  • Read our latest articles
  • subscribe for our newsletter
  • Support our sponsor
  • Share on social media
  • Watch our video

For a B2B company, call to action buttons could feature text such as:

  • Get started
  • Sign up for Newsletter
  • Free Trial
  • Contact Sales
  • Register Webinar/Event


With time Your website might be out of date and need not stay that way. The above 7 quick fixes will help you give your Google rank a boost and ensure that you’re not missing out on leads and subscribers.

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