5 Sure Fire Strategies to Get More Email Leads In 2020

Lead Generation

Email marketing is an old school and you think it might not be the latest and greatest thing.If you’re thinking like this, then you are missing out on a crucial opportunity to connect with potential leads that can turn them into loyal customers.

Email marketing is an affordable and inexpensive marketing strategy to ignore it.And its time to revamp your existing email marketing strategy to wake up and attract new lead generation.

Here are five strategies that help you kick start your lead generation into high gear.

#1: Micro-Targeting

Some of the marketers still hang themselves to old approach when it comes to lead generation. The point is not all campaigns deliver the same results with the same methods. Innovation and new methods have to bring to in to solve challenges.

Micro-targeting is a marketing strategy that uses segments and they are very effective to target people. Micro-targeting drives more ROI and delivers a more personalized message to subscribers.

If you’re looking to grow your email list with qualified subscribers, lead magnets are your answer. Lead magnets are a brilliant option to gain prospect customers’ information.

#2: Maximize the Value of Your Lead Magnet(s)

The best and effective lead magnets are those that:

  • Are targeted directly to the people you want to attract as leads
  • offer a solution to a problem
  • Provide actionable content that benefits your users
  • Deliver on your visitor’s expectations by helping them achieve a win

In most cases, Content development takes time and strategy to build a lead magnet, especially if you’re trying to produce something impactful. A lead magnet need not give away 100-page course materials.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are something that’ll benefit them right away. Here are some examples:

  • Cheatsheets
  • Discount or free shipping Checklists
  • Free tools or software trial
  • Resource and template bundles
  • Webinars Videos
  • Email courses

#4: Choose the Right Lead Capture

To nurture your leads, ensure that lead magnet emails has the points

  • Identify your customer problems
  • Explain about your product benefits
  • Outline the benefits of transitioning to your product/service
  • Distinguish your product/service from competitors
  • Provide a case study on how your customer problems solved
  • Include resources like blogs, e-books, templates, to help subscribers learn more

#5: Eliminate Friction

Avoid friction like adding an additional field to an opt-in form to increase the conversion rate. A study shows that dropping the number of fields from five to four can increase your conversion rate by 50%.
You should ask some questions yourself:

  • What information do I need to follow up with a lead?
  • What additional information should I collect later?
  • Which fields are responsible for the most bounces?

You must think of design and fields to be included in the form to capture the leads. The forms should be easy to fill for the user. So keep it simple with necessary fields in attracting new leads.

Email marketing is an effective way to nurture new leads and convince them to buy/purchase your product or service. We believe that the above five tips we’ve mentioned can help you get your lead generation out of stagnation and your brand with a new world of profits.

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